Beer - Xingu - Brazilian black beer

Xingu may remind insiders of the Amazon and the rainforest. But black beer from Brazil? In the home country of Köstritzer & Co, that might be a hard one. So lets take a closer look: The beer Xingu takes its name from the river in the Amazon region. Beer brewing is not a new invention there. A recipe for a mild black beer can already be found here in a document from 1557. The Deutsche Reinheitsgebot (german purity law for beer) was written in Germany just 40 years earlier. If you take this very seriously, you shouldnt try Xingu - because in addition to the permitted grain, cassava is also used for the black brew. By the way: if you look closely at cassava, you will discover a caudex plant (Manihot esculenta). In terms of taste, the result is quite impressive. Xingu is pitch black in the glass and tastes strong yet light. Lighter than the black beers we know. Correctly: Xingu is actually a dark beer. Soft roasted aromas, fruity-sweet like plum, raisin, cane sugar and a little bit of chocolate. Xingu has received international awards for this and is now not only drunk in Brazil, but also in Australia, the USA, the UK - and now there is the delicious black beer from Rio Xingu here in Germany too. 4.6% VOL, 355ml
  • Beer - Xingu - Brazilian black beer
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