Erfurt - die Verwandlung, Melanie Thurm

A book for Erfurt, people who live in Erfurt or who lived in Erfurt and people who love Erfurt and people who want to get to know Erfurts past. Photo book and the first NUBU - a NUtzBUch to look at and to record memories. It is a successful mixture of - often very personal - memories of the author and recommendations for a stroll through town. It shows the astonishing transformation of an aging and often morbid city into a pulsating and lively old town. Melanie Thurm, just 12 years old at the turn of the century, rummaged in her memories, in the stock of the city archive and in some biographies of Erfurt people and formed a view of the changes that have taken place in the old town. Written with passion, it exposed the city, its people and its own soul. 200 pages, 19 x 25 cm, with many photos, linen-bound, including pencil with eraser cap
  • Erfurt - die Verwandlung, Melanie Thurm
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