Succulents in Cultivation - breeding new cultivars - Gordon D. Rowley

Succulents are highly diverse but breeding and selection can increase the attractiveness of their foliage and flowers, their ease of cultivation, their hardiness, and other desirable traits. Succulent plant breeding has a long history dating back two centuries but much more can be achieved going forward. This book is a guide to succulent plant improvement.The first half explores the genetic information and practical techniques available to plant breeders to help them achieve success producing stunning new cultivars. New plants require new names on which guidance is provided.The second half surveys plant breeding across 12 succulent plant families. First and foremost are the Cactaceae in which many new beautiful flowers and body forms have already been created in epicacti, echinopsis and astrophytums, for example. In contrast, recent focus on selection in agaves has been in the production of a colourful range of variegates. The book illustrates about 400 cultivars from the selected families.Hardback, 235 x 285mm, The 248 page book is illustrated with 473 colour photos and 24 black and white line drawings - in english Language
  • Succulents in Cultivation - breeding new cultivars - Gordon D. Rowley
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