Echinopsis-Hybriden Crepe Crusader HBG80593, Schick807-2

|3,5-4,5 cm Ø|Flower to 4 ¾ inches (12 cm) across. Petals in two whorls, crepe-paper-like, obovate to almost orbicular, obtuse to truncate, crinkled at sides, light magenta with narrow, cream-colored to light orange basal stripe and dark pinkish-red midrib. Throat-circle white to light magenta. Filaments dark magenta. Stigma light green. Stem globular, to 5 inches (12 cm) in diameter; central spines to 7/8 inch (23 mm) long.

hints on cultivation:
from the veld and mountains, sunny and well ventilated without glass cover, no full sun (especially young plants), sufficient moist especially during warm periods, 8-12°C during rest season, plants from high mountains also below, light, cool and almost dry

suggested soil for these plants:
Kakteen-Haage cactus soil
  • Echinopsis-Hybriden Crepe Crusader HBG80593, Schick807-2
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