Pediocactus knowltonii § *1^

|2-2,5 cm Ø|Very rare species, currently known to occur only on a single hill in a very limited area in the northwestern part of San Juan and Rio Arriba Counties and in Archuleta County in New Mexico on the border with Colorado (extent of occurrence and range about 0.1 square kilometre). There are possibly only 2 Knowltons miniature cactus populations, the largest of which occurs in a 6 ha area south of La Boca, Colorado, and the other in nearby Reese Canyon. The species is protected but continues to be affected by illegal collections. The current population trend suggests a further decline in the coming years. The main threats to this species are illegal collection, urban development and droughts. They are exceptionally slow growing and therefore well suited for grafting onto rootstocks that are also hardy, to improve the growth rate. Do not like direct sun or stagnant air.

additional information:
These plants are subject to CITES, additional documents required for export outside EC - which may take several months and additional costs

Frost hardy cacti
*1 down to -20 °C
(for a better orientation we have mentioned the minimum temperature of their natural habitats)

Raincover for hardy specimen planted outdoors recommended

  • Pediocactus knowltonii § *1^
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