Stephania erecta Y.

|9-11 cm Ø|Stephania erecta is native to the deciduous forests of Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. It can take up to 20 years to reach its full size. The caudex grows up to 20 cm (8 Inches) in diameter and forms tendrils that grow up to one metre long (3,3 Feet). In our latitudes, it is therefore also an excellent plant for trellises or screens in greenhouses and conservatories. Stephanias thrive in sunny locations in any common, well-drained soil under airy, not too moist conditions. During the growing season, keep the soil evenly moist without saturating the substrate with water. Stop watering when the leaves and shoots wilt in autumn. Withered plant parts should also be cut back then. Avoid temperatures below 15 °C (59 °F).

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These plants were imported recently from nurserys from the United States, Thailand, or other countries. You will find very pretty plants with typical coloured spines, or ready for flowering. All plants are freshly potted, but may not be rerooted. In some cases there are only very few plants available.

Caudex- or pachyform plants. Forming ball-, disk- or bottle-like body (stem or roots). Very attractive and unique plants.

Stephania erecta Y.
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