Cacti soil - pure mineral 5 l

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one of the best cactus-soil mixes available, contains no organic substances, suggested for Ariocarpus, Astrophytum, Turbinicarpus and many other taprooting plants, the recipe remains secret...

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writes: 03.02.2014
I am not a plant expert by any means but I found this soil to be inappropriate for my cacti. The soil has a very nice consistency when dry; after watering it becomes clay-like and stayed wet for much longer than is good for cacti. I didn't want to gamble with leaving my plants wet for that long nor did I want to waste a bag of substrate so I ended up rinsing the rocks, filtering out the "clay" from the larger stones. I was left with a very nice rock mixture that drains quickly and looks attractive. If the instructions do not already say to do so, I recommend rinsing the soil before use. Otherwise a good product.
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