Shipping and Fees

How do we ship?
Most of our goods will be shipped by Deutsche Post (DHL) or Deutscher Paketdienst (DPD). For special reasons, we will choose other forwarders.

Your order will be processed as soon as possible.
During some weeks of high season and when our catalog has been published we ask you for a little patience. At present within 2 to 10 working days, the delivery of your order is carried out.
International orders may need more time, in case special treatments, or documents are requested.

Transportation costs?

European Union

shipping 12,50 ? (minimum, parcel 2 kg - up to 50,00 ?)*
shipping (letter) 9,00 ? for seed-orders only*
paypal, payment in advance, creditcard (Mastercard, VISA, no debitcards, CUP, nor Western Union)
International   (abroad Europe) 
shipping 22,50 ? (minimum, parcel 2 kg) final costs are stated
Phytosanitary-Certifikat 20,00 ? requested for all plants (and CITES App. 1 - Seeds)
CITES-Dokuments 85,00 ? requested for all CITES App. I+II plants and Seeds
Pesticide-Treatment 0,90 ? per plant requested for some countrys (USA, Thailand, Russia etc.)
Minimumorder 15,00 ? Your order (value of plants and goods) should be not less than 15 ?
paypal, payment in advance, creditcard (Mastercard, VISA, no debitcards, no China Union Pay, no Western Union)

* Standard shipping charges apply for one parcel with maximum weight 31,5 kgs within Germany. Shipment exceeding this weight and region may differ in price. Seed orders may are charged on the basis of normal letters.
Winter delivery
You can order from Kakteen-Haage throughout the year and be sure, the shipment reaches you on time. At extreme temperatures we avoid shipments over the weekend and we keep frost sensitive plants on hold for mild conditions.
Damages in transit
If something goes wrong, please request a confirmation of the damage from the delivery person or at your post branch office and you immediately receive a substitute. If you want to return goods, please inform us by e-mail or fax before.
Mixing delivery
You would like to order soil, plants and books? No problem, everything will be carefully and separated packed, so nothing can happen to your order.
We thank you for your understanding and your help.
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* incl. tax, plus shipping
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