Typical properties of the plants: large, white flowers that open at night. The next morning usually the magic is over. We have not yet observed any Epiphyllum that blooms during the day - and also no Epiphyllum species of different colored flowers. The reason is obvious: the plants are pollinated by nocturnal insects, similar to the plants from the genus Selenicereus.The genus Epiphyllum is often confused with the colorful Epicactus hybrids (aka Phyllocactus), which usually show their flowers during the day. So if you are looking for crosses with large and colored flowers - please look in this category. In most cases, our Epiphyllum are also rooted young plants with a height of at least 10-12 cm. The plants should be around 80 cm in hight by the time they first bloom (at the age of 4-5 years). Sometimes the plants bloom earlier.

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