Agaves are among the succulents longest known in Europe.

Often they can be seen in old pictures in front of castles or in gardens, also here in Germany. The nickname century flower is from this time. It refers to the long time to the first flowering - which lasts a hundred years. And then the mishap: the plant dies. Today we know: in most cases offsets cares for the continued existence of the plant after the impressive, huge flowering.

Agaves are useful plants. Tequila is no longer an exotic one - really good tequila from Mexico is still rare to find. And wisely enjoyed, a good Tequila can provide similar joy as a good whisky.
Less known is the use as a fiber plant. Thick ropes and tough yarns are made from the agave leaves and they are even used as roof shingles. The use for sewing is particularly practical: in Mexico, there is no troublesome threading - because the needle is already on the thread: the point of the leaf.

Also hardly known is the fact: even in our latitudes, agaves can grow outside in the bed in snow and ice. But beware! This only works with certain hardy agaves! The widespread big Agave americana in the bucket do not like our winter.

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