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Welcome at Kakteen-Haage - the worlds oldest cactusnursery

As the specialized nursery for cacti and succulents in Germany, we offer the most comprehensive assortment of cacti plants. Visit our glashouses in the beautiful medieval city of Erfurt and browse through more than 1500 squaremeter of plants! Here you will find everything you need for your plants, whether you are a seasoned collector or just looking for a nice cactus's windowsill.
Are you fond of cacti and succulents? Do you look for a new special treasure for your window board, greenhouse, or garden?
Do you prefer optimized substrates and accessories for your plants?
Do you like free care tips of professional cactus-gardeners?
You are at the right place. Learn more about the Haage history, a family of gardeners for more than 320 years.

Latest News

The nursery will be closed for the Xmas Holidays from Dec. 21 2018 until January 2nd. 2019. (During the holidays, the nursery is only open on 27.12. from 8 AM to 3 PM)
We send a big THANKS to you all for the great year of 2018.
All the best from Erfurt!


Here are the latest information about the shipping times of your order:
within germany next time at Decembre 27th.
shipping within EC next time at Decembre 27th.
shipping all other countries next time at Decembre 27th.

Shipping status:
green - shipping is running
orange - shipping is running - restrictions due to weather conditions may apply
red - no shipping due to low temperatures or holidays

regular shipping time: 2-14 working days within germany, shipping times abroad may delayed due to export regulations or weather conditions.
During cold periods your plant order will be hold back. Shipment will take place as soon as the temperatures allow safe transport of your plants.

The latest import regulations does not allow plant shipments from germany to Russia or PR of China.

Из-за регулирования импорта не завод поставок в Россию.


Enjoy your plants!

... the people from the worlds oldest cactusnursery - Kakteen-Haage

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