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apprenticeships available

one traing place for gardeners (ornamental plants) is available from 2019

Apprenticeship as a cactus gardener (official name: Gardener for ornamental plants) in the oldest cactus nursery in the world - the next chance for your start is in autumn 2022.

Your contact person is Ulrich Haage.

What we expect from you:

1. personal interest in the profession

2. at least one introductory internship at Kakteen-Haage

3. successful graduation (/ to be expected)

What you can expect from Kakteen-Haage:

In addition to the regular gardener education you can expect from us:

  • Special education in the production and sale of cacti and other succulents
  • Training by our qualified specialists
  • Knowledge transfer in the field of succulents
  • Provision of general gardening skills as well as special skills that are no longer known today (eg seed cleaning and treatment)
  • close to the school (the professional school is just is just five minutes away)
  • In addition, internships as part of the trainee exchange with other nurseries
  • Participation in the professional competition for young gardeners (depending on performance up to state, federal or European level)

With appropriate commitment ...

  • we also support an international exchange or internship during the training,
  • join us at trade fairs,
  • We are happy to provide links for further training in other specialist companies.
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