Biplantol for cacti and succulents 500 ml

succulents are also doing well, when they are fogged once or twice a week. The homeopathic care spray provides everything for optimum health, it provides appropriate for healthy moisture. The homeopathic-dynamized nutrient and trace nutrient complexes support the plants own regenerative ability and promote flowering. Used preventively, the plants are protected and less susceptible to disease. And if there is a care mistake or stress by pests, then the plants recover after some application more easily. Biplantol cacti and succulents is ready to use, year-round 2-3 times a week (also possible in winter rest)Homeopathic-dynamized complexing agent containing in potentiated form (D10-D100): i.a. Potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium; Phosphorus, sulfur; Trace elements such as boron, copper, manganese, silicon, organic germanium, uronic acids. Bees, beneficials and other insects are not affected.
Biplantol for cacti and succulents 500 ml
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