Echinocereus - The Echinocereus Library

The concentrated knowledge of the Echinocereus working group brought together in one go.These are all the books still available from the series Der Echinocereusfreund. Together they represent a library that is unique in the world. The books are now available at significantly lower prices. Order the entire library and you will save more than 50%. The brand new book on the Echinocereus sciurus group is also included. So together: Chihuahua - cactus travel, Echinocereus parkeri group, Section Echinocereus (viridiflorus), Section Triglochidiatus, Echinocereus scheeri group, Echinocereus coccineus group, Echinocereus acifer group, Echinoceeus enneacanthus group, Echinoceeus sciurus Group, thats almost 3000 pages of Echinocereus knowledge in one place! A unique collection - and the entire book package will be delivered to your home free of charge in Germany!
  • Echinocereus - The Echinocereus Library
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