Ledebouria socialis RSA

|12 cm Topf|The silver squill or forest hyacinth is one of the most cultivated bulbs and very popular among cactus and succulent growers. It is found in the transition zone between the Eastern and Western Cape. It usually grows in shade, mostly in closed evergreen forests.Cultivation is simple. Pot 2/3 of the bulbs exposed over a well-drained cactus soil with humus content. Avoid full sun. During the summer growing season, water liberally and occasionally apply some fertilizer. Although dry winter dormancy is recommended they will not resent wet winter dormancy, in fact with many species this will cause the plants to continue growing without replacing the old leaves. However, the plant then won’t resprout or flower in the spring and summer.The dramatic differences in leaf colors and patterns have led to much confusion in both taxonomic and horticultural circles. Even now, there are few published names for selections and cultivars of this species[syn. Ledebouria violacea, Scilla socialis, Scilla violacea]
  • Ledebouria socialis RSA
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