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Turbinicarpus alonsoi § %

|2,5-3 cm Ø|flat round plants, dark spines, purple flowers

hints on cultivation:
from warm, dry areas, full sun and warm places without moist conditions required, keep rootneck dry, at least 4 °C dry and light during rest season, graft recommended

suggested soil for these plants:
Kakteen-Haage pure mineral cactus soil

additional information:
These plants are subject to CITES, additional documents required for export outside EC - which may take several months and additional costs

Ethnobotanical plants - used in medicine, meditation, religion and nutrition based on their chemical components. Some plants may course hallucination and intoxication.

Plants or seeds are subject to trade barriers - export to Switzerland (US, Canada and others countries) is not permitted.

No export! These items are not suitable for export (shipping outside the EU). Some plants do not survive longer shipping times, others prohibit export by law.

  • Turbinicarpus alonsoi § %
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