Dischidia oiantha Variegata

|20-40 cm ↑|hanging plant with soft green colored leaves with light yellow to white margins, shoots 20 to 40 cm

hints on cultivation:
Native to the rainy, warm areas of Southeast Asia, Hoya need not only a temperature of at least 12 °C, but better room temperature and also a high level of humidity in order to thrive. Regular watering with lime-free water and spraying if necessary leads to rapid growth. To avoid waterlogging, it is important to have a well-drained substrate that provides enough nutrients for growth. Our humus-rich Hoya soil offers a very good solution. Important information about the plants: Hoya quickly grow in size during growth and are regularly cut back for shipping. That is why our size information is a rough guide. The specified height always refers to the shoot length of the plants, regardless of whether the growth form is upright or hanging. The prices are based primarily on the rarity of the species, so it happens that a small but rare Hoya is significantly more expensive than a large plant that is more fully grown. Plants with variegated foliage show sometimes more and sometimes less creamy white / yellow. The photos are reference images, which means that they show the plants with their typical characteristics as far as possible. They do not show a current state, a defined size, or the current flower status. The photos do not show the plant you receive.

suggested soil for these plants:
hoya soil

additional information:
These plants were imported recently from nurserys from the United States, Thailand, or other countries. You will find very pretty plants with typical coloured spines, or ready for flowering. All plants are freshly potted, but may not be rerooted. In some cases there are only very few plants available.

  • Dischidia oiantha Variegata
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