Carl von Linné named the genus after its flower form. The name is derived from the Greek ceros = wax candle. Growth mostly creeping, looping, hanging also suitable for hanging pots. Tubers often form as water reservoirs, from which the shoots rise on the upper side. Some species grow up slender. The five petals are fused and and form at the bottom a bag-shaped bulge with overlying narrow tube. The leaf ends are decorative shaped and colored and attract in a very special way small insects for pollination.Planted in sandy soil and placed in partial shade, most species are easy in cultivation. During the flowering period they should be regularly supplied with water.Most plants of this genus are propagated in our greenhouses. Ceropegia show very different growth forms, from upright over creeping to hanging. Usually the plants are growing in the 9 cm pot, slow-growing or tuber-forming species in correspondingly smaller vessels. For our Ceropegia we use ascleps-, caudex- or cactus soil.

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