Kanuma - Japanese

acidic soil from Japan, grain size 3-8 mm, ideal for all plants that like a lower pH value. Kanuma comes from the region of the same name in Japan north of Tokyo. The light, crumbly soil consists of a hard shell with a soft core and is as light as pumice. The open, porous structure prevents waterlogging. The pH value is 4-5.5. In bonsai, Kanuma is often used for azaleas or blueberries.Little known: there are some succulents that like it more acidic, e.g.: Aylostera narvacense, Crassula ovata, Frithia, Ipomoea batatas, Sarcocaulon (prefers granite), Schlumbergera, Trillium.When the granite grus supply is empty again, Kanuma can be a possible alternative.Attention! The combination of acidic additives such as Kanuma or granite gravel with clay-based soils can lead to plant damage!
Kanuma - Japanese
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