Die wunderbare Reise des Herrn Maria - Eugen M. Schulak

LIFES BIG QUESTIONS After his last botanical expedition, Herr Maria is in quarantine threatened by a deadly disease. The retired widower and lover of exotic plants wants to use the time he has left to tidy up his life. Armed with a pot of black tea and a bright green lime, he jots down the key moments of his life, true to the motto »Death is the guidepost of philosophy«. These are commented on via email by a hired philosopher who shows Mr. Maria the way of thinking. So the lovable, quirky protagonist embarks on a journey to the big themes of philosophy in order to understand himself and the world a little better in the end.in German, 266 pages, plants shown in line drawings, 20 x 13 cm hardbound.A detailed review of the book by Ulrich Haage is available in Episode 036 in the CactusPodcast [www.cactuspodcast.de/036]
  • Die wunderbare Reise des Herrn Maria - Eugen M. Schulak
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