Stapeliads refreshed - John Pilbeam

Even though the name of the book seems to be limited to stapelias - all other relatives from the large family of the Asclepiadaceae are also included. The special thing about it is that it connects to the two volumes of Stapeliads - Bruyns, because it also covers the northern distribution.It is the culmination of sixty years of growing and admiration for cacti and succulents. John Pilbeam has a special relationship with this unique group of plants.And yet he had a long hope that this book would be written by another author - for him and for other plant lovers.Because theories about the assignment of plants to genera and groups are plentiful - but there is no ultimate truth. As is so often the case, experts disagree.It is all the better to show the diversity and beauty of the plants, especially their unusual flowers - and John Pilbeam has achieved this in a special way in his book.The different opinions of names are noted for each species.You will find a total of 686 color photos in 57 different genres. Unique so far - this comprehensive and colorful work with information on each genus, the distribution of plants, their use and culture - which somtimes seems as a big mystery to plant lovers.A glossary, checklists and a species index also make the book a very useful reference work.hardbound, 207 pages, 714 photos, format 210 x 275 mm, sorted alphabetically by genre, English
  • Stapeliads refreshed - John Pilbeam
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