Agave potatorum Kichijokan

|20-25 cm Ø|This selection is thought to be a Japanese cultivar of Agave potatorum, but some consider it to be a form of Agave parryi. The outer sides of the leaves have a beautiful lateral cream-colored variegation. The large, rust-colored teeth and long, sharp terminal spine, stand out well against the light leaf color. [syn. Agave potatorum cv. kichiokan marginata; Agave potatorum cv. kiji-jo-kan; Agave potatorum cv. kichijojan alba marginata; Agave potatorum cv. Kisshou-Kan variegata; Agave potatorum cv. Kikochan; Agave potatorum nana variegata]

hints on cultivation:
from Madagascar and Central to Southern Africa, growing season from middle of march until middle of november in a sunny and warm place, may also grow in a protected place outside during summer. Water regulary when foliage is fully developed, rest season from middle of november to march, keep above 12 - 14 °C

suggested soil for these plants:
Kakteen-Haage caudex soil
Agave potatorum Kichijokan
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