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Eriospermum cooperi Y.

|5-8 cm Ø|Eriospermum cooperi found in the arid areas of the Karoo, the Eastern Cape and the Orange Free State in a variety of habitats. It is particularly common on the slopes of the Drakensberg Mountains at altitudes of up to 1700 metres.It is a particular favourite among caudiciform plant enthusiasts because this plant goes dormant in summer, when pots can be stored in a place out of direct sunlight and only watered lightly when the soil is bone dry. In autumn, when the daylight becomes shorter, the plants start to grow and should then be watered more heavily to encourage them to awaken.It is very heat tolerant and needs full sun to light shade, but can also tolerate shade well. During the active growth phase it needs regular good watering. It can be difficult to get this plant to develop to its full potential without a lot of heat and sun. Keep the plant cooler in the winter, but keep the light as bright as possible so that the plant does not go to seed during this time. In the summer months, the plant can be cultivated outdoors to benefit from direct light and especially the high summer temperatures.The flower is white, creamy white or pale green.
Eriospermum cooperi Y.
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