Euphorbia decaryi $ § >.

|5-8 cm Ø|cushion forming succulent plant with curled leaves similar to Euphorbia capsaintemariensis

hints on cultivation:
from Madagascar and Central to Southern Africa, growing season from middle of march until middle of november in a sunny and warm place, may also grow in a protected place outside during summer. Water regulary when foliage is fully developed, rest season from middle of november to march, keep above 12 - 14°C

additional information:
These plants are subject to CITES, additional documents required for export outside EC - which may take several months and additional costs

Be carefull when handeling this plants! Wear gloves and safety goggles! The milky sap can be highly irritating your skin or eyes. Avoid any skin contact, wash with cold water and clean your tools.

These plants were imported recently from nurserys from the United States, Thailand, or other countries. You will find very pretty plants with typical coloured spines, or ready for flowering. All plants are freshly potted, but may not be rerooted. In some cases there are only very few plants available.

  • Euphorbia decaryi $ § >.
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