Cacti Museum

Since 1992 there is a small cactus museum at Kakteen-Haage. In several hundred years of company history, a number of things worth seeing have been found in the attic, in old cupboards or behind brick walls.

The curiosities and contemporary testimonies that can be admired here tell an eventful picture of the history of cactus cultivation in Europe. Also some anecdotes enrich the exhibition about the development of the company Haage from nursery to specialized cactus expert.

Here you can find things like the first "computer" that was already in use in the Haage in the 1930s. A Russian-language warning sign, which was intended to protect against looters, brings the time after the Second World War to life.  

The collection of envelopes from all over the world is also amusing to read, but despite their rudimentary addressing they have nevertheless found their recipient.

You can visit the collection free of charge during the opening hours of our nursery.

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